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The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations

How do we learn to turn to one another as an essential component in leadership in faith communities?  In 2018, The Rectors and Deans who come together to participate in their Smart Start during the annual conference, will have an in-depth opportunity to explore this question.

Smart Start For Rectors and Deans: Session Description:

These days, there is much that is happening in and among us that requires utterly thoughtful listening, authentic questioning, and honest speaking. In the world. In our parishes. In our communities. In our homes. Simultaneously, many of know simple joys of people and spirit, yet nested within very complex challenges, even assaults, to core identity. Such times call for all of us, in church leadership and those that we rally to help knit community, to be in core questions together. What does it take to reclaim a sense of beloved together? How do we take on the depth of talking complex internal and external politics? How do we work meaningfully on the cutting edges of our times as faith communities? The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations is a widely adopted set of engagement methodologies, frameworks that make the case for broad involvement, and tools to change not just what we do, but how we do it together. In this workshop we will introduce some of the why, what, and how to take on what is pressing church leadership today. 

The Facilitators of the Session will be:

brackett_109.jpgThe Rev. Tom Brackett serves on the Presiding Bishop’s staff as the Manager for Church Planting & Mission Development. Ordained for 35 years, he now consults with Bishops and their teams around the world, putting him in the unique position to host conversations about the future Church as it emerges among us. As both priest and Executive Coach, Tom companions these leaders to celebrate their successes and to prayerfully and strategically explore the new possibilities ahead of them. Colleagues describe him as a compassionate and inspiring presence, making every voice heard and important in both the discovery and discernment process. One of Tom's passions is hosting strategic conversations and creating the safe space needed for people to share their stories of recent encounters with the Spirit.

tenneson-woolf_109.jpgTenneson Woolf  is a facilitator, workshop leader, speaker, and writer. He posts a daily blog, Human to Human, in which he offers reflection on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth. For 20+ years, Tenneson has designed and lead meetings in participative formats. To help people be smarter together. To get people interacting with each other — learning together, building relationships, and focused on projects. To get deeper to the heart of what matters. From strategic visioning with boards to large conference design. Lately he has been working with faith communities, educators, and public health leaders. His lineages include The Berkana Institute, The Circle Way, and The Art of Hosting. Living systems, self-organization, and emergence inspire his work.