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The Consortium's mission is to celebrate, inspire and equip its member parishes, seminaries, and other Episcopal Institutions for effective leadership, stewardship and transformation in the Church and in the world.


The Consortium is a dynamic national network of endowed Episcopal parishes bringing together lay and clergy leaders for dialogue, discernment, education and collaboration.


The Consortium inspires its member parishes to be leading voices in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and powerful catalysts for Christian witness and social justice in the Episcopal Church and the world.

Value Proposition

Joining the CEEP community will provide your congregation with a forum for learning and sharing leadership resources across a diverse range of ministries that will enliven your mission, build up your congregation & maximize your endowment.

Guiding Principles

We embrace change
We promote understanding through dialogue
We model and encourage lay and clergy partnerships
We continually strive toshare hope and energy with the church
We consciously work together to foster a community in which creative gratitude and imagination can flourish
We promote shared mission and outreach
We exercise and encourage responsible stewardship, good leadership, and governance
We believe endowments are to benefit Christian witness
We ground our work in prayer, scripture and worship
We work collaboratively with Episcopal and other faith groups and institutions