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The Power of NETWORK

“The Consortium has helped me develop relationships, recognize what our church does well, and share that with others. It has opened my imagination to what our congregation can do to serve God more faithfully in our culture. ” Maria Elliott, Trinity New Orleans, LA

Throughout the year, members network with one another. Connections are made through listserves, Google groups, regional gatherings, and old-fashioned telephone calls and emails! Members have access to the Consortium’s full-time professional staff who can implement networking around specific needs and issues as they arise and point parishes toward persons or entities who can respond. Role-specific networking occurs throughout the year between staff and volunteers, clergy and lay..  The power of the network is always available no matter how small the issue.


The Benefit of SHARING 

"This group understands its responsibilities and obligations and takes them very seriously. It is reassuring to take this journey with others who are committed, knowledgeable and spiritually motivated.” Deborah Esayian, St. Paul’s Parish, Riverside, IL


The Consortium exists to facilitate  communication among its members and to give them the information and inspiration they need in order to use maximize their endowments for their ministries. In addition to a monthly on-line newsletter highlighting information of interest to churches with endowments, the Consortium can arrange visits between parishes to aid with specific local problems or issues. Mentoring is available as well, matching individual parish leaders with experienced and discrete peers throughout the country.



The Advantage of CONNECTION

“The opportunity to interface with other Episcopalians is invaluable and provides fresh ideas for improving and expanding church programs” Ann Peters, St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN


These parishes are well-resourced both financially and with staff and volunteers, enabling them to be agents of change in the church and the world. The Consortium provides an active network and constant access to shared information around best practices as well as ongoing exchanges of ideas and resources for these vibrant parishes. Annual dues are on a sliding scale, pegged to the size of an endowment with the lowest annual dues ($1M-2M endowment) at $750 per year. Membership is limited to Episcopal parishes with endowments (including property value) of $1M or more. Today, the Consortium has 127 members from 30 states.

“The Consortium keeps us grounded in the wider life of the Church and is one of the primary ways for us to feel connected to something larger than ourselves.” Gregory Movesian, St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, CO


endowments are venture capital for the communication of the Gospel and are held in trust for Christian witness.  Consortium members seek to be catalysts for evangelism and mission.  Together, we can do more than any one of us can do individually.