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The Story of CEEP

1980 - A Concept is Born
  • College of Preachers, Washington Cathedral: The concept of the Consortium is born
  • Pre-organization meeting of parishes at Christ Cathedral, Indianapolis
  • Founders: The Rev. Roger White, The Rev. Bob Brown, the Very Rev. Roger Gray of Indianapolis.  The Rev. Loren Mead, Consultant
1985 - The Consortium is Incorporated
  • Loren Mead leads organizational meeting of the Consortium held at house of Redeemer, NYC, with The Most Rev. Ed Browning present. 
  • Altar Call to attendees to come forward and make financial commitments to the organization.
  • Consortium founded and incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) in the state of Indiana
  • The Rev. Robert MacGill made first Executive Director

  • Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati
  • Christ Church, Short Hills, NJ
  • Trinity Church, Indianpolis
  • St. Andrew's, Kansas City, MO
  • St. Michael and St. George, St Louis
  • St. Luke's, Germantown, PA
  • St. Peter's, Morristown, NJ
  • Trinity Wall Street, New York City

1986 1st CEEP Conference, College of Preachers, Washington, DC
  • 10 Members/30 Attendees
  • Consortium receives Lilly grant of $11,000
  • The Rev. David Hegg elected 1st CEEP Board President

1987 2nd annual Conference
  • Theme: Transformative Leadership
  • Keynoters: The Rev. Robert Cooper and the Rt. Rev. Robert Spears
  • The Rev. James B. Lemler elected 2nd Board President
  • Nancy Deppen named 2nd Executive Director, CEEP offices move to Westfield, NJ

1988 3rd Annual Conference, Denver, CO
  • Theme: Sharing Our Resources
  • Keynoters: The Rev. Loren Mead, The Rt. Rev. C. Fitzsimmons Allison

1989 4th Annual Conference, Richmond, VA
  • Theme: Are the Dynamics Different in the Endowed Parish?
  • Keynoters: The Rev. William C. Burrill, The Rt. Rev. Furman C. Stough

1990 5th Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN
  • Theme: Mission in the Endowed Parish
  • Keynoters: The Very Rev. James C. Fenhagen, The Rt. Rev. Edward Jones, Dr. Craig Dykstra Ann Belford Ulanov
  • Collaboration with Trinity Wall Street to publish the first Episcopal Mission Resource Information Service

1991  6th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Theme: The Endowed Church in the Community
  • Keynoters: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Walter Brueggemann

1992   7th Annual Conference held in Chicago, IL
  • Theme: The Decade of Evangelism
  • Keynoters: The Most Rev. Edmond L. Browning, Dr. Fredrica Thompsett

1993   8th Annual Conference held in Greenwich, CT
  • Theme: Leadership... In and From the Endowed Church
  • Keynoters: The Rt. Rev. Paul Reeves, Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr.
  • The Rev. Dennis O’Pray elected 3rd Board President

1994   9th Annual Conference held in Cincinnati, Oh
  • Theme: The 21st Century: Opportunities Ahead
  • Keynoter: The Rev. Diogenes Allen
1995  10th Annual Conference held in Houston, TX
  • Theme: Endowments and Today's Parish
  • Keynoters: Dr. Barbara Wheeler, The Rev. Loren Mead, Dr. James A. Joseph

1996   11th Annual Conference held in Cleveland, OH
  • Theme: The Vocation of Leadership
  • Keynoter: Dr. Parker J. Palmer
  • Dr. Scott Evenbeck elected 4th  President of the Board

1997   12th Annual Conference held in Pasadena, CA
  • Theme: Reshaping the Church in a Changing World
  • Keynoters: The Very Rev. Alan Jones, The Rev. James P. Wind

1998   13th Annual Conference held in Denver, CO
  • Theme: The Spiritual Roots of Leadership
  • Keynoter: The Rev. Loren Mead
  • Marion Faldet appointed Interim Executive Director

1999   14th Annual Conference, Richmond, VA
  • Theme: Transformation: The Challenge of Abundance
  • Keynoter: The Rev. Dr. M. Douglas Meeks
  • Cynthia Cannon becomes 4th Executive Director
  • Dr. Charles Kiblinger becomes 5th Board President

2000   15th Annual Conference held in San Francisco, CA
  • Theme: The Anglican Communion: New Visions for a Global Church
  • Keynoters: The Rev. Dr. Herbert O’Driscoll; The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold

2001  16th Annual Conference held in Indianapolis, IN
  • Theme: Re-imagining the American Church
  • Keynoter: Dr. Martin Marty

2002  17th Annual Conference held in New Orleans, LA
  • Theme: Gospel as Agent of Transformation for the City and the World
  • Keynoter: Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood
  • Katherine Tyler Scott elected 6th Board President

2003   18th Annual Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Theme: The Power of Vocation: Hearing God's Call
  • Keynoters: Frederick Borsch; George Werner; Harold Lewis; Katherine Tyler Scott

2004 19th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Theme: The Power of Vision: The Gospel In Sight
  • Keynoter: The Rev. Dan Matthews, Sr. & The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry
  • The Rev. Canon James G. Callaway, Jr. elected 7th Board President

2005   20th Annual Conference, New York City
  • Theme: The Power of Proclamation
  • Keynoters: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Madeleine Albright, The Rev. Loren Mead, Dr. Douglas M. Lawson
  • Beginnings, a history of the Consortium, published in honor of 20th anniversary

2006   21st Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA
  • Theme: Faith Formation and Freedom: Affirming Episcopal Identity

2007  22nd Annual Conference,  Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Theme: Centering in Christ, Open to the Spirit
  • Ms. Pamela Wesley Gomez, Christ Church Greenwich, elected 8th Board President

2008   23rd Annual Conference held in St. Louis, MO
  • Theme: Gateways to understanding: Living Faith in a Changing World

2009  24th Annual Conference held in New Orleans, LA
  • Theme: Living in a World of Dilemma
  • Keynoters: Ray Suarez

2010   25th Annual Conference held in Austin, TX
  • Theme: The Connected Church
  • Keynoters: The Very Rev. James A. Diamond, Dean, Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, elected 9th Board President

2011   26th Annual Conference held in Chicago, IL
  • Theme: Changing Church, Making a Difference
  • Keynoters: Eboo Patel, Lauren Winner,
  • The Rev. Paul Collins, Trinity Seattle, elected 10th Board President
2012   27th Annual Conference Charlotte, NC
  • Theme: Moral Imagination: Becoming God's Courageous Community
  • Keynoters: Dr. Michael Curry,
  • Ms. Cary Gray Kelly, Christ Church Alexandria, elected 11th Board President
2013  28th Annual Conference, San Diego, CA
  • Theme: Expect Connection, Provocation, Growth
  • The Rev. Donald Fishburne, St. Paul's Chattanooga, TN, elected 12th Board President
2014 29th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • Theme: Greater Than We Can Imagine
  • Keynoters:  Matthew Sleeth,
  • Mr. David Posteraro, Esq., Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, to be elected 13th Board President